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Your Customized Self Defense Course

  • Dependent on Needs
  • Determined by Client

Service Description

Are you presently dealing with abuse or an immediate threat? Are you concerned about travelling safely to other countries for work or leisure? Do you know a family member who may be displaying antisocial behavioral red flags and don’t know what to do about it? Are you being stalked or followed? Do you have a child, niece or nephew in a risky relationship and don’t know how to breach the subject? Do you want to hone certain martial combative skills or attributes? Whatever your concern or need regarding violence prevention, self defense or enhancing your martial arts and combative attributes, we can specifically design and cater a course for you and your groups and families. Cost of courses are dependent on the type of course, the number of people, the location and the length of time. Please contact us for details.

Upcoming Sessions

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