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Paul Wellstone said "Never separate the life you live from the words you speak." Rich and Pam exemplify these words. Their life is violence prevention. They truly practiced what they preach. The truth is their church and empathy is their alter.   They are the first in the industry to address violence at its root. Trauma. 

Both respective pioneers, each in their own right. Their ability to tackle the subject matter in tandem makes them utterly unique in their presentation.  Rich addresses violence prevention, de-escalation and infallible physical response when necessary, like no one else on Earth. While Pam speaks to the traumatic roots, necessity for sensitivity, specifically tailored teaching methodology and techniques to ensure client safety and psychological well-being throughout.

Their teachings are the foundation for all of the work that I do with disadvantaged youth and victims of trafficking globally. I would not use or recommend anyone or anything else. In reality, if your purpose is violence prevention and real societal change, there is no one else. 

Ben Myers

Executive Director For Pelea Callejera 

Global Outreach, Ecuador  


...listen to what others have to say.

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Richard Dimitri may never rid himself of being ‘The Shredder Guy’ because the 5 principles embodied in the versatile and adaptive physical response system do allow for anyone to find the best way to defend themselves, from any position. That’s quite a legacy – however hard he has tried to move away from that label.

Rich gave up being cool years ago. He has traded it in for being honest, being real, and being an absolute violence prevention mega-nerd. He lives and breathes strategies to understand and prevent acts of social and antisocial violence for vulnerable populations in compromised situations, with no hacks, gimmicks, or snazzy slogans. He doesn’t even care if you like him.

The secret weapon here is Pam Armitage. Unshackled by a lifetime trying to prove anything to martial artists, Pam balances Rich’s maverick knowledge lava stream with perceptive Zen and a total rejection of the testosterone-fueled bullshit seen with the majority of industry leaders. Her research into trauma-informed teaching is an absolute game-changer because it not only helps to contextualize acts of violence that happen to us, but also *how* we respond to them by understanding our own trauma-triggered reactions. Their entire approach goes deeply into when violent response is a necessity, and when it is not. This is stuff that changes the lives of those who train with them, and their families and friends.

I would choose to learn from these two at every possible opportunity and I’ve found their commitment to their work to be absolute. They will contribute researched opinions on nuanced areas, they will call out nonsense, they will continue to lead even if where they are going is the road less travelled. Go with them. Thank me later.

Mary Stevens, India Coordinator FairFight
Owner, Operator Athena Karate UK

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