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That Time I Picked A Fight And Then Defused It

So apparently, based on the responses I received on my last 2 blogs, you people like raw honesty. Alright. Ready?

Let me please preface the following by stating that the type of work I do (especially between 91 and 2009 as those were my self destructive formative years, just go with it) requires some form of stress release from time to time and back in the days and as far back as I can remember, I’d never been the type to meditate or woooo-saaah myself into a state of relaxation. See, some people are wired differently while others have been rewired by life, while others it’s a bit of both and I fall in the latter category of both - so when I needed to release stress back in the days, I generally needed to hit someone. Primitive. I know. It’s beyond the realm of empathy, logic, reasonable or even ethical for that matter, but one of my biggest issues back in the days, was getting stuck in either hyper logical mode or hyper emotional mode due to acute ADHD. I couldn’t recognize one from the other in whichever state I happened to be in, a sort of Jekyll and Hyde kinda thing. Stallone was onto something when he said “It’s You VS You” as Rocky Balboa. Today is a different story of course as mentioned in my previous blogs, therapy, research and work tremendously helped with that. As ethically and morally questionable as my actions may have been at times (and they were, many times), I did target a specific group of people in my ego driven emotional states, more specifically scumbags whom I decided deserved it based on their present behavior. So, when I needed to let off steam, finding a lowlife spot in Montreal in the mid 90s was as easy as shooting at nothing and hitting a stormtrooper.

Now I normally share the following in my self defense workshops in order to illustrate several concepts and solidify certain points I teach so many readers may remember my telling it, only I used to tell it with a little eggshell colored lie attached to it.

When I recount the story in my classes, I was innocently sitting there watching a couple of brothers play pool while waiting for a friend of mine to show up. The reality of course, is that I was there to release some pent-up and misdirected anger because some shit I couldn’t do anything about had gone down. Talk about a good guy having a bad day.

Do as I say, not as I do used to be my motto. Hypocrisy much?

And so there I was sitting at a local bar where the beer on tap was still a buck and the place reeked like Swisher Sweet cigars and throat gripping cigarette smoke. The clientele was low to no income and alcohol, cigarettes, generic Tylenol-3 tablets chased by Red Bulls were being ab