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Hands Over Knives Recorded Webinar

Hands Over Knives Recorded Webinar

Worldwide statistics on carrying a knife for self protection show that carrying one more often leads to murder, manslaughter or used against the carrier themselves, than the knife being legitimately, ethically and legally used in self defense situations.


North American and European studies have both shown that weapon users are more aggressive, begin offending earlier, have more extensive histories of violent victimizations in childhood, are more emotionally charged than calculated, make more impulsive risky decisions and are more likely to commit violence, including murder in the future than other violent offenders.

This webinar dives deep into the pros and cons of carrying a blade of any kind specifically for self defense reasons based on worldwide statistics.

Topics covered include undiagnosed mental illness and the dangers of carrying, deployment under pressure and stress, differences between a professional carrying a knife and a civilian who trains in martial arts 3 to 4 times a week, the reality and commonality of ambushes VS dueling, and why our hands are strategically better weapons along with loads of tips on how to use them legally and ethically (based on our 5 principles of physical retaliation AKA the Shredder) and much more.


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