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Scenario Replication - Sexual Assault and Rape

Scenario Replication - Sexual Assault and Rape

A 90 minute comprehensive coaching video on scenario training that is essential to the education of sexual assault and rape prevention. This video covers everything including, but not limited to:


- how to work with reserved students who may have difficulting saying no or placing boundaries
- managing social situations
- handling power dynamics
- emotional entanglements and aggression

- physical defenses
- mindset and much more

Also included in this video is advice for instructors on how to properly play the role of the aggressor in scenario training. Learning to react and create organically flowing senario training situations allows for a greater learning experience and rentention of information for students.

*Note: there are some parts that the micorphone cuts out for a few seconds sporadically. We apologize for this!

    C$99.00 Regular Price
    C$39.99Sale Price
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