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Strangulation: Risks, Reality and Defense Recorded Webinar

Strangulation: Risks, Reality and Defense Recorded Webinar

According to worldwide experts, manual nonfatal strangulation is the biggest red flag that domestic abuse will lead to murder and roughly 43% of murdered women in domestic assaults, and 45% of victims of attempted murder, had been previously strangled by their partner.


Fatal strangulation are also most commonly seen in domestic abuse, interpersonal relationships and familial situations as this choice of assault to murder is very personal and often a result of emotional outburst.


This webinar covers the realities of strangulations, how they most often happen, what risks can follow surviving a nonfatal strangulation such as health issues and other potential dangers.


We also demystify why the vast majority of defenses against strangulations taught in the commercial self defense industry do not work due to these and many other realities surrounding strangulation. This webinar contains critical information that is rarely, if ever covered in generic self defense courses.


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