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Strike First, Strike Smart Recorded Webinar

Strike First, Strike Smart Recorded Webinar

The two most common questions on pre-emptive striking in a self defense situation/confrontation are "When to strike" and "How to strike".


This webinar answers both and more in great detail and in a logical, moral, legal, and ethical way.


We deep dive through the journey that brings us to the exact moment on when and how to appropriately, morally and legally strike an aggressor even if they haven’t laid hands on us yet, taking into consideration the level of threat along with the many potential factors that can turn the situation into an ongoing future nightmare to deal with and how to avoid as many as possible.

Factors including but not limited to the financial and emotional aspects, witnesses, cameras, law enforcement's perspective (including the district attorney's, the prosecution, the first cop on the scene, the witnesses, what the camera angles reveal, the individual we struck, the level of damage they sustained) and much more.


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