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Tangent Redemptions of an Anti-Hero

Tangent Redemptions of an Anti-Hero

Rich’s first work of fiction: A graphically violent comedic and dramatic love story loosely based on his life.  NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART OR EASILY OFFENDED. 

The journey begins in Tijuana Mexico with Nomad Wyman, a man with a violent and turbulent past, in his preparation for a road trip towards Western Canada to get re-acquainted for the first time in 23 years with his first teenage love. With over 2 decades of complete absence between them, Nomad's primary concern is how to tell his first love about everything that transpired in between, and will she accept him for who he is and all he's done.

It is the closing off of one avenue and the prospect of greener pastures with an old flame. It becomes a time to reflect. He lays his life bare. His extremely violent past, his insecurities, his sexual adventures and misadventures, his guilt, his hopes, the things that draw him, yet disturb him at the same time. We are introduced to a whirlwind of encounters, laced with numerous philosophical musings, which are generally flawless when stood up to scrutiny.

Most common comment from readers on the book is it needs to be made into a movie directed by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. 

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