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The Ambush Recorded Webinar

The Ambush Recorded Webinar

The most common form of violence is the ambush. The surprise attack. When it comes to the field of self defense, ambushes are often myopically viewed through limited perception of what violence constitutes and are often thought of as a sucker punch or some form of physical attack.


Ambushes go far beyond the physical realm of personal protection as there is often a setup, including very long-term setups. Ambushes come in many forms, most often by people known to their victims and happen for many varying reasons including financial gain, jealousy, insecurity, and mental illness to name but a few.

This webinar reveals and breaks down every kind of ambush, behavioral red flags, intuitive responses to, how undealt trauma plays a role, how to avoid and spot a forming ambush, what to do about it and more.


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