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5 Principles of Sport Combat

How to apply our 5 Principles of Physical Retaliation to enhance sport

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Service Description

The 5 Principles of Physical retaliation are not a concept strictly put together for violent altercations alone. They are applicable to any and all forms of fighting and combat, be they sport, art, competitive, street or self defense used in social or anti-social violence; or whether they be limited by unilateral arts (martial arts that strictly deal with one proximity of combat such as grappling arts, Boxing or Tae Kwon Do for example) or full spectrum arts like mixed martial arts (where the fighters are proficient in all proximities, be it grappling, kicking, boxing or close quarter combat). Regardless of your game, sport or motive, if you’re involved in any combative disciplines, martial arts or sport combat, this 5-hour workshop is both a game changer and enhancer regardless of novice or expert, white belt or black belt. Cost is dependent on location and number of people in attendance. Please Contact us for details.

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