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Defense Against Common Physical Attacks

  • Dependent on Needs
  • Determined by Client

Service Description

This workshop covers the most successfully used physical defenses used in retaliation of unarmed physical violence. The 5 Principles of Physical Retaliation are the foundations of this workshop in relation to all physical attacks including various types of ambushes, intimidation tactics, lapel/shirt grabs, sucker punches, tackles, hair pulls (commonly seen in domestic violence) dynamic bear hugs, chokes, strangulations (most often seen in interpersonal, personal and intimate relationships) and more. Both attacks and retaliations are covered with the following into consideration: The legal implications, the levels of threat, the environment in which the conflict occurred, the positions of both attacker and intended victim in relation to each other and the environment, the potential obstacles (furniture, traffic, curbs, access to improvised weapons, etc.) which limit many technical applications found in all martial arts and generic self defense courses, the mental and physical states of both parties involved at any given moment, potential substance abuse and effects in relation to pain tolerance, potential third and fourth or more party involvements and much more. This workshop is a 10-hour workshop if you haven’t participated in our 5-hour Foundations of Violence workshop, and 5-hours if you have. It is specifically designed and catered to for each group or individual based on needs.

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