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Knife Defense Workshop

Available for civilians and professionals

  • Dependent on Needs
  • Determined by Client

Service Description

Offered to both civilians and professionals separately due to the differences of mind set and preparation of each in relation to knife violence, this workshop is an amalgamation of scientific worldwide research on the realities of knife violence taking culture, state of mind, mental illness, economics, logistics, relationship, substance use and abuse, behavioral red flags, gang related situations, motives, reasons, methods, successes, failures and more into consideration. You will learn the most successful (yet never guaranteed) methods of recognizing, preventing, avoiding, and if necessary, physically defending yourself against a knife attack based on your and your groups personal skill level. This workshop is a 10-hour workshop if you haven’t participated in our 5-hour Foundations of Violence workshop, and 6-hours if you have. It is specifically designed and catered to for each group or individual based on needs.

Upcoming Sessions

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