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Sexual Assault Prevention Workshop

  • Dependent on Needs
  • Determined by Client

Service Description

This workshop is trauma sensitive and informative and is also offered as a deep dive Masterclass. It is the most detailed and comprehensive workshop of its kind providing a crystal-clear understanding of what constitutes as rape, a rapist, the various types of rapists, rapes and sexual assaults, how culture and religion play a role, along with rape culture and how it contributes to this common type of violence. We also reveal and share the most controversial yet common and unknown form of rape to both its victim and perpetrator alike, and how it is both directly responsible for a large percentage of undiagnosed trauma worldwide and the perpetuation of victims. We offer various solutions along with the most successful behavioral strategies and tactics to avoid, prevent, deescalate, protect, set up and when necessary, physically defend against this vile act. Topics include domestic abuse and violence in relation, stranger attacks, multiple attackers, ambushes, grooming, behavioral red flags and green flags, what constitutes triggers, the varying responses to threats, the effects of adrenaline and substance use and abuse, the 5 principles of Physical Retaliation, legal implications and more. This is a 6-hour workshop, or a deep dive Masterclass taught over two 8-hour days, please contact us for details.

Upcoming Sessions

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