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The 5 Principles of Physical Retaliation

  • Dependent on Needs
  • Determined by Client

Service Description

The notorious concept known worldwide by the colorful name "The Shredder," originated by Rich as part of his original method of hand-to-hand combat he coined Senshido in 1994, is essentially nothing more than the manifestation of 5 specific principles of physical retaliation being executed at the closer ranges of a physical confrontation regardless of environment. It is a concept that has internationally revolutionized both the martial arts and self defense industries in the late 90s and has been adopted as the primary method of tactical physical retaliation for international elite military forces and Law Enforcement Units including Finland and the UK. Taught in over twenty countries to date and often referred to by law enforcement officers, correctional officers, medical staff, martial arts and self defense experts worldwide as ‘a game changer’, ‘the missing link in self defense’, ‘the gap filler Bruce Lee was always searching for’, ‘an equalizer for the vulnerable in society’, this workshop is literally for anyone and everyone regardless of expert or beginner, of experience or rank or size or strength or lack thereof, regardless of fighter or lover or both or none for that matter, you will walk away with a wealth of skill and information. This workshop is specifically designed and catered to for each group or individual based on their needs and is a 10-hour workshop if you haven’t at minimum, participated in our 5-hour Foundations of Violence workshop. For those who have previously participated in our Foundations of Violence workshop, it is offered in a condensed 5-hour version, or a deeper dive 2 days, 5-hours per day workshop.

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